Paralegal Quiz – Aptitude Test

Paralegal Quiz Aptitude Test

Paralegal Quiz – Aptitude Test

Do you have a natural talent or ability when it comes to the law? Take this quiz to find out.

Choose the best answer to each question below.

1. Civil law differs from Criminal law in that:

a. violations of it do not result in jail/prison time

b. a private citizen or entity, instead of a government agency brings the complaint

c. it covers social wrongs and not criminal acts

d. all of the above


2. Failing to pay your rent is a/an:

a. reason to be evicted

b. crime

c. offense that can get you arrested

d. all of the above


3. A Court can order a parent to visit with his/her child.

a. only in very rare circumstances

b. of course it can – parent/child relationships are a top priority

c. it can grant them visitation rights, but cannot force them to exercise those rights

d. whenever it is in the best interests of the child for it to do so


4. Employers must respect a citizen’s Constitutional rights or face the threat of a lawsuit.

a. everyone is must follow the Constitution

b. employers are especially responsible for protecting individual rights under the Constitution

c. employers are only required to protect employees Constitutional rights as they pertain to employment law

d. none of the above


5. “In absentia” most likely means:

a. pertaining to the senses

b. in the absence of

c. sent via absolute delivery

d. in pertinent part


6. The files for Jane Smith, Joe Smith, Smith & Sons, and John and Sarah Smith should be filed in which of the following orders?

a. Smith & Sons, Jane Smith, Joe Smith, and Sarah Smith

b. Jane Smith, Joe Smith, Sarah Smith, and Smith & Sons

c. Sarah Smith, Joe Smith, Jane Smith, and Smith & Sons

d. Smith & Sons, Sarah Smith, Joe Smith, and Jane Smith


7. The highest Court in the United States is the

a. High Court

b. U.S. District Court

c. U.S. Supreme Court

d. United States Military Court


8. Only written and signed contracts are valid

a. True

b. False

c. Sometimes

d. Never


9. Jail is different from prison in that:

a. It isn’t different

b. It is only for people who have not yet been convicted of a crime

c. It is only for people who have been convicted of a civil crime

d. It is for those who have not been convicted or have been sentenced to one year or less


10. The burden of proof in a criminal trial is beyond a reasonable doubt. What is the burden of proof in a civil trial?

a. beyond a reasonable doubt

b. A preponderance of the evidence

c. beyond all doubt

d. none of the above




1. d – See Civil vs. Criminal law

2. a – It is not a crime to not pay your rent, or almost any other bill, therefore you cannot be arrested for it, and both b and c are wrong, and therefore so is d.

3. c – Spending time with your child is a right not an obligation. The Court can allow you parenting time but cannot force you to take it.

4. d – The Constitution protects us from the government, not our employers or anyone else.

5. b – See In Absentia

6. a

7. c

8. c – see Statute of Frauds

9. d

10. b

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