Code of Ethics and Our Promise

We are a for-profit company, and it is our full intention to do act ethically and provide full disclosure  on services and tools we use or recommend.

How We Earn Money:

Affiliate Links – Some of the links on our website lead to products and services that pay us for a referral.
Advertisements – We supply advertising spots to business whose items we trust. We make all sponsored positioning as clear as possible.
Direct Sales – We offer items and services on our site that could consist of  informational item or services.
Partnerships/JV’s – We may co-create products or services with another partner who we believe adds value.

Our Promise To You:

We will leave honest feedback on any products or services that we promote to better assist you in choosing something that will be effective for you.
We will not include false testimonials or hype.
We will not use false scarcity as a “Fear of Loss” tactic. If something is offered on a limited basis it’s because it is limited.

We look forward to earning your trust and your business.

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