Single Parents, Stressed? Discover How to Balance Work and Home

As a paralegal, I try to control everything around me.  A co-worker recently commented that I was a “control freak” and, to be honest, she is correct. For single parents, it may feel as if they are out of control most of the time as they struggle to balance home and work.  When they are at work, they worry about home and vice versa.  Single parents … [Read more...]

Paralegal’s Guide to Balancing Work and Life

If I had been asked to write this article four years ago, I would have said that a paralegal could not achieve a balance between work and life.  At best, a paralegal teeters on a tightrope holding her work life in one hand and tightly grasping onto her personal life in the other hand.  One wrong step will cause both to come crashing down on top of … [Read more...]

Ex-Paralegal puts skills to good use

This is a great article about a creative entrepreneur who fills a need in the marketplace.  There are many transferable skills that paralegals acquire, and it isn't always obvious how these skills can be applied!     Ex-paralegal helps local farmers minimize paperwork, maximize profits by Lolita Lopez, KNBC, Los Angeles, … [Read more...]

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