Ins and Outs to do Pro Bono Work

The Latin phrase “pro bono publico” means ‘to undertake professional work, voluntarily, without pay or for a reduced fee’.  Pro Bono is a shortened form of the Latin phrase, and in English means, ‘for the public good’. The American legal profession therefore, uses the phrase “pro bono” to describe legal work done as a public service, free of … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Provide High Quality, Caring and to Nurture Client Relationships

When you are a small business owner, your relationship with your clients IS your business. Without return clients, your business runs a greater risk of failing. Return clients guarantee that you can spend more of your time working and less looking for new clients. They also mean great word of mouth advertising, which can be the best kind there is. … [Read more...]

Single Parents, Stressed? Discover How to Balance Work and Home

As a paralegal, I try to control everything around me.  A co-worker recently commented that I was a “control freak” and, to be honest, she is correct. For single parents, it may feel as if they are out of control most of the time as they struggle to balance home and work.  When they are at work, they worry about home and vice versa.  Single parents … [Read more...]

Tips for Taking a Paralegal Certification Exam

Tips for taking a paralegal certification exam Paralegal certification is a means to recognize paralegals who meet certain standards that are considered to be above those of the average paralegal.  Various national paralegal organizations offer certification programs that allow paralegals to obtain professional recognition for meeting a higher … [Read more...]

Paralegal’s Guide to Balancing Work and Life

If I had been asked to write this article four years ago, I would have said that a paralegal could not achieve a balance between work and life.  At best, a paralegal teeters on a tightrope holding her work life in one hand and tightly grasping onto her personal life in the other hand.  One wrong step will cause both to come crashing down on top of … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Target Your Paralegal Services to Quality Attorneys

Targeting the right market and landing quality attorneys as clients can go a long way towards building a freelance paralegal business. How exactly does one do this? Well, you can flood the general market with basic advertisements or you can learn how to target attorneys and screen new and potential clients for quality by following the steps … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Start Your Own Paralegal Services?

Attorneys are not immune to the current economic downturn and many are searching for ways to reduce overhead.  One way an attorney can reduce overhead is to use the services of a freelance paralegal.  Therefore, the demand contract paralegals is increasing.  As the demand for paralegal services increase, the number of freelance paralegal businesses … [Read more...]

Advance your Career – Negotiating a pay increase

It’s an often cited fact that public speaking tops the list of greatest fears.  But, anyone who has sought an “off cycle” pay increase may argue that point! Even when well prepared, these salary negotiations can bring about anxiety.   Here are a few tips on approaching your boss to negotiate a higher salary. You are your own best … [Read more...]

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